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Transformer Radiator
This range of Transformer Radiators is known for its Eco-friendly operation, 50Hz frequency range, simple installation method and prolonged working life. Smooth operation, sealed construction and long working life are their key features.
Radiators & Accessories
We are supplying here the various types of Radiators & Accessories for efficient use in the various industries. The Radiator of Transformer serves this purpose of increasing the surface area of Oil. They are easy to install and use wherever needed.
Dry Type Transformers
Dry Type Transformers are known for their humidity and flame proof design. Presence of these transformers can be noticed in power generation plants and power sub stations. These high performance equipment remain functional for longer period.
Transformer Components
This collection of Transformer Components has been precisely designed to suit operation needs of different high performance transformers. Known for their application specific design, these machines have long working life.
Oil Cooled Transformer
This array of Oil Cooled Transformers can be operated at minimal operation cost. With having up to 40 degree C operating temperature, these transformers are appreciated for their high output.
Fuses-Circuit Breakers & Components
There are various types of Fuses-Circuit Breakers & Components offered by us that are ways of preventing an electrical overload from occurring and potentially harming the homes and others places electrical grid. They are very efficient and durable.
 Circuit Breakers
Circuit breakers acts as a device which opens a closed circuit when there is a high and abrupt increase the voltage level in the electrical circuit. It is made from high grade components which makes them highly efficient and reliable.
Onload Tap Changer (OLTC)
On-load Tap Changer (OLTC) are the high power electrical devices that are used in to maintain the connection of the transformer with the main supply when the tap settings are changed.
AVR are also known as auto voltage regulator which is a high performance device which gives a pre-set value of voltage to avoid any damage to the power electrical circuits.
LT Distribution Panel

LT distribution panel is installed mainly for distributing and controlling power in electrical systems that run on low voltage, usually in homes and offices. Its work is to distribute the power from main power source to several circuits in the facility.

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